Community Supported Agriculture:

Purchase a Farm Share!

As a share member you can take pride in being a piece of our organic, sustainable, bio-diverse, "No till" farm. Feel the freedom in having your groceries delivered and remove yourself from the deception surrounding super markets. Feed your body with healthy, local food, encouraging a healthy mind and active lifestyle. All produce, pastries and "additions" will be coming straight from our farm! Emails will be sent out early in the week with our intended harvest for you and your families. Find comfort in knowing where and how your food is grown, at the same time contributing to carbon sequestration.

Produce Boxes are delivered weekly
 Saturday: Charlottesville/Crozet - 12-6PM
Sunday: Richmond/Williamsburg - 12-6PM

 Weekly Produce Boxes Coming Soon!

The Veteran: $34 a week. This box is geared toward our conscious families out there! With 35% more produce, plus four delicious pastries!

The Pro: $24 a week. Are you a constant veggie grazer? Some couples devour "The Pro" before weeks end. While others may have a few goodies to share with friends! Also be expecting two delicious pastries!

The Rookie: "TRIAL" - $120, Four weeks of "The Pro". This allows you to experience the variety of produce we offer, as well as becoming accustomed to our seasonal system.

View our Harvest Calendar to see what is in season!

You will receive an email at the beginning of each week of our intended harvest. If you would like to exchange an item, make your request before Thursday at 8AM!

Additional Farm Shares!

Additional Items:

-Available Weekly-

 Per week:

Bread Loaf


Eggs, Per Dozen


Granola, Per pound


Micro greens


Eat Healthy and Treat Yourself!